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The Sweet Bean
The Sweet Bean - Mexican Grapos - Fair Trade Organic
The Sweet Bean

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The Sweet Bean

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Introducing "The Sweet Bean" - Mexican Yaxcoffee Fair Trade Organic Single Origin

Embrace the heartwarming charm of "The Sweet Bean," eager to give you a comforting hug with every sip. These Mexican coffee beans delight with their naturally sweet taste, a gift from the high-altitude regions they are grown in. But sweetness is just the beginning; prepare to be enchanted by friendly hints of chocolate and dried apple, adding layers of delightful complexity.

Beyond its delectable flavour, this coffee carries a sense of responsibility. As a "Fair Trade Organic" offering, you can savour your daily dose with a clear conscience, knowing that your enjoyment is making a positive impact.

Unleash your creativity with a variety of roast options, ranging from light to dark. Should you seek guidance, we recommend starting with a medium roast, allowing you to fully appreciate the unique characteristics of "The Sweet Bean."

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from 250g or 500g bags and specifying your desired grind. For the ultimate freshness and flavour preservation, opt for whole beans.

Rest assured that we prioritize freshness above all else. Your beans will be skilfully roasted only upon receiving your order, ensuring that each cup carries the vibrant essence of this charming bean.

*Please note, bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting).

Indulge in "The Sweet Bean," an irresistible Mexican Yaxcoffee journey crafted to enchant your taste buds and warm your heart with its naturally sweet and delightful personality.