Our beans are roasted to order, so you know you'll always be getting the freshest brew possible.

About Us

Our names are Brennan and Sharne. We are a kiwi couple that absolutely love coffee and eating delicious food.
Brennan is originally from Napier, Hawkes Bay. Sharne is born and bred in Auckland. We recently spent 2 years (pre-Covid) living overseas and travelling, but are quite settled here in NZ now and have a huge appreciation for the lifestyle we can have here. Some might say we’re fairly active people, and in our spare time you’ll find us playing sport, working on our house, jamming some kiwi music or eating (mainly eating).
Our love of exceptional coffee, food, clothing and art has inspired us to create Coffee and Tee along with all of the unique drawings you’ll see on our products. Our designs are all original and hand drawn by us. They start as traditional pencil on paper, are then digitalised and screen-printed on quality AS Colour apparel by a local printing company based in West Auckland. We supply the artwork, they supply the AS colour products and screen-print in-house upon order.
We have teamed up with a local Auckland coffee roaster who has helped us offer our own range of Coffee Beans with a cool customisable twist. When ordering coffee beans with us you can select the bean type and roast level and have freshly roasted beans to your taste delivered straight to your door. No more wondering how long the product has sat on the shelf for before you came along to buy it. Fresh coffee beans every time. How delicious!?

We have accompanied our coffee bean range with a select few items of hand brewing coffee equipment that allows anyone to make a quality cup of coffee at home with ease and at very little expense.
We love that Coffee and Tee can be a fun space where we can share our creations, drink lots of coffee and hopefully bring some joy to other people’s lives with the products we have available!
Join us on our journey that celebrates the things we enjoy most in life.