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The Smooth Bean
The Smooth Bean
The Smooth Bean

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The Smooth Bean

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Introducing "The Smooth Bean" - Brazilian Cerrado Single Origin

Discover the sleek and flavourful all-rounder, perfect for coffee enthusiasts of all preferences. Our Brazilian Cerrado beans present a delightful fusion of nutty and subtle caramel notes when lightly roasted, transitioning into a more indulgent chocolatey flavour when roasted darker.

Customize your coffee experience by choosing your preferred level of roast. For espresso lovers, we recommend a medium roast, while those enjoying plunger coffee will relish the flavours of our medium-dark roasts.

Embrace the freedom to tailor your order with our flexible options. Select from 250g or 500g bags and specify your preferred grind, or keep the beans whole for ultimate freshness.

At Coffee and Tee, we take pride in ensuring your beans are roasted only upon receiving your order, guaranteeing you the freshest and most flavourful cup of coffee imaginable.

*Please note, bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting).

Indulge in "The Smooth Bean," a truly versatile coffee experience that complements your unique taste preferences and elevates your coffee moments to new heights.