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The Rich Bean
The Rich Bean
The Rich Bean

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The Rich Bean

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Introducing "The Rich Bean" - Ethiopian Sidamo Single Origin
Experience Sharne's personal favourite and indulge in the epitome of richness, sweetness, and complexity. Ethiopian Sidamo is renowned for its full-bodied profile and captivating blend of flavours.
Unveil the tantalizing aroma that accompanies this coffee, promising to uplift your spirits throughout the day. With enticing notes of black tea, citrus, and berries, these beans are the ultimate choice for any coffee style.
For those who savour the velvety delights of a flat white from their trusty espresso machine, "The Rich Bean" is Sharne's go-to favourite. But don't let that limit you; these beans effortlessly craft a solid pour-over black coffee too!
Personalize your coffee journey by selecting your preferred level of roast. While a medium roast is an excellent starting point, you have the freedom to explore your desired intensity.
Discover the convenience of choosing from 250g or 500g bags and tailor your grind preferences to perfection. For the ultimate freshness, opt for whole beans.
At Coffee and Tee, we prioritize freshness above all else. Your beans will be roasted to perfection only upon receiving your order, ensuring that each sip delivers an unforgettable experience.
*Please note, bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting).
Indulge in "The Rich Bean," a captivating Ethiopian Sidamo adventure that promises a symphony of flavours and a coffee journey like no other.