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The Rich Bean
The Rich Bean
The Rich Bean

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The Rich Bean

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Ethiopian Sidamo - Single Origin

Sharne’s personal favourite!

Best known for its rich, full body, sweet and complex flavour.

The smell of this coffee alone is almost enough to get you through the day. With notes of black tea, citrus and berries, the Ethiopian Sidamo beans will do the trick for any style of coffee.

Sharne’s go to when making coffee is a single shot flat white from our trusty espresso machine, and these beans are her favourite for this style of coffee. Although, in saying that, these beans make a solid pour-over black coffee too!

Choose your own level of roast. We recommend starting with a medium-dark roast.

Choose between 250g or 500g bags and specify what you need the beans ground for. (Select “Whole Bean” if you don’t need them ground at all).

Our beans aren’t roasted until your order has been received, so you know you’ll be getting the freshest roast possible!!

*bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting)