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The Decaf Bean
The Decaf Bean - Brazilian Swiss Water Decaf
The Decaf Bean

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The Decaf Bean

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Introducing "The Decaf Bean" - Brazilian Swiss Water Decaf Single Origin

Indulge in the delicious coffee taste we all crave, minus the caffeine hit! For those seeking a caffeine-free option without compromising on flavour, "The Decaf Bean" is an irresistible choice that will leave you amazed.

Savor a late-night brew, knowing you can rest easy and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, thanks to this delectable variety of beans.

Well-balanced and bursting with goodness, these beans offer a delightful caramel and malt flavour that will make you forget it's decaf.

Unlock the potential of this versatile decaf by selecting your preferred level of roast. For plunger coffee, we recommend a medium roast, while a medium-dark roast is ideal for espresso. However, feel free to explore the rich flavours at different roast levels, as individual preferences vary.

Choose from our 250g or 500g bags, and specify your desired grind for ultimate convenience. Opt for whole beans to ensure each cup captures the essence of this exceptional offering.

At Coffee and Tee, we prioritize freshness above all else. Your beans will be expertly roasted only upon receiving your order, ensuring that every cup delivers the vibrant essence of "The Decaf Bean."

*Please note, bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting).

Indulge in "The Decaf Bean," a caffeine-free delight that surpasses expectations, delivering the coffee taste you love without the caffeine buzz. Savor every sip, knowing you've found the perfect decaf companion for your coffee moments.