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The Coffee and Tee Tasting Pack (3 x 250g)
The Coffee and Tee Tasting Pack (3 x 250g)

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The Coffee and Tee Tasting Pack (3 x 250g)

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Introducing "The Coffee and Tee Tasting Pack" (3 x 250g) - A Journey of Flavour Exploration!

Struggling to choose the perfect coffee bean? Need a delightful gift for a fellow coffee lover? Look no further!

Discover our ultimate solution - "The Coffee and Tee Tasting Pack." This enticing pack includes three 250g bags of our most exquisite coffee bean options, allowing you to savor the diverse flavours we have to offer.

Experience the joys of customization by selecting your preferred roast level and grind for all three bags, ensuring each cup caters to your unique taste preferences.

Pack Includes:

1 x 250g bag of Mexican Yaxcoffee (The Sweet Bean) - A sweet delight from Mexico, promising a heartwarming coffee experience.

1 x 250g bag of Ethiopian Sidamo (The Rich Bean) - Indulge in the richness of Ethiopian coffee, boasting a full-bodied, sweet, and complex flavour profile.

1 x 250g bag of Brazilian Cerrado (The Smooth Bean) - Savor the smoothness of Brazilian Cerrado, offering nutty and caramel notes for a well-rounded coffee experience.

At Coffee and Tee, we prioritize freshness above all else. Your beans will be expertly roasted only upon receiving your order, ensuring that each cup carries the vibrant essence of our carefully selected beans.

*Please note, bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting), and the selected grind level and roast level will apply to all three bags.

Indulge in "The Coffee and Tee Tasting Pack," a delightful journey that takes you through a spectrum of flavours, allowing you to explore and savor the best of our coffee bean offerings. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this pack is a coffee lover's dream come true!