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The Strong Bean
The Strong Bean
The Strong Bean

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The Strong Bean

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Colombian Excelso - Single Origin

This guy packs a punch when it comes to flavour: dark cocoa, some fruitiness (nectarine specifically) brown sugar and roasted nuts. Choosing to roast at a medium to dark level will bring out the chocolate and stone fruit aroma, smooth mouthfeel and a pleasant chocolatey aftertaste.

Brennan’s fave! Because who doesn’t like chocolate?

This coffee will go down super smooth for those who enjoy a strong coffee, whether it be straight black or mixed with milk.

We give you the option to pick your own level of roast from a light roast all the way up to a dark roast. If you are unsure of what level of roast to choose, we recommend starting with a medium.

Choose between 250g or 500g bags and specify what you need the beans ground for. (Select “Whole Bean” if you don’t need them ground at all).

Our beans aren’t roasted until your order has been received, so you know you’ll be getting the freshest roast possible!!

*bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting)