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The Strong Bean
The Strong Bean
The Strong Bean

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The Strong Bean

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Introducing "The Strong Bean" - Colombian Excelso Single Origin

Prepare for an intense flavour experience with this coffee powerhouse. Packed with dark cocoa, nectarine fruitiness, brown sugar, and roasted nuts, "The Strong Bean" delivers a harmonious symphony of aromas and tastes.

Roasting at a medium-dark level unveils rich chocolate and stone fruit notes, boasting a velvety mouthfeel and a delightful chocolatey aftertaste.

Meet Brennan's all-time favourite, as it exemplifies the irresistible charm of chocolate-infused coffee. Who could resist?

This coffee delights both black coffee enthusiasts and those who prefer it blended with milk. Its bold character goes down exceptionally smooth, making it an instant favourite for anyone seeking a strong and satisfying cup.

At Coffee and Tee, we put you in control of your coffee experience. Choose your preferred level of roast, ranging from light to dark, allowing you to customize your cup to perfection. For those exploring the depths of flavour, we recommend starting with a medium roast.

Enjoy the convenience of selecting from 250g or 500g bags and indicate your desired grind preferences. For the ultimate freshness, opt for whole beans.

Rest assured that our commitment to freshness is unwavering. Your beans will only be roasted to perfection upon receiving your order, ensuring that each sip delivers an unforgettable and invigorating coffee journey.

*Please note, bag weight is based on green beans (prior to roasting).

Indulge in "The Strong Bean," a coffee experience that exudes boldness and depth, crafted to awaken your senses, and leave you craving more of its enticing flavours.