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Aeropress Pack
Aeropress Pack
Aeropress Pack
Aeropress Pack
Aeropress Pack

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Aeropress Pack

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Introducing "The Aeropress Pack" - Elevate Your Coffee Brewing Experience!

Discover the art of effortless brewing with "The Aeropress Pack," your all-in-one solution for making a quality brew anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, the office, or while traveling, the Aeropress ensures a smooth and convenient coffee-making process, requiring only ground coffee and hot water.

This pack includes:

1 x 500g bag of our freshly roasted Smooth Bean coffee, expertly ground for Aeropress - A delightful journey into the world of Brazilian coffee, offering a nutty and well-balanced flavour profile.

1 x Aeropress - The ultimate brewing device, designed for simplicity and excellence in every cup.

350 x Papers in holder - Ensuring you're always ready to brew with the finest filters.

1 x Aeropress scoop - Measuring your coffee with precision for a consistently perfect brew.

1 x Aeropress funnel - Ensuring seamless coffee transfer for a mess-free experience.

1 x Aeropress stirrer - A handy tool for effortless coffee mixing, allowing you to savor every nuance of flavour.

At Coffee and Tee, we prioritize freshness above all else. Your coffee beans will be roasted fresh upon order, expertly ground to suit your Aeropress needs, guaranteeing a delicious and aromatic brew.

Are you sending "The Aeropress Pack" as a gift? We welcome gift messages to add a personal touch - simply use the "instructions for seller" notes section at checkout.

Indulge in "The Aeropress Pack," your gateway to a coffee brewing experience that combines ease, portability, and exceptional flavour. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this pack ensures a delightful journey into the world of specialty coffee, one Aeropress brew at a time.